La Calila Pinta.
Autora de obras. Carla Kathleen Baca Ordaz, 05 de Noviembre 1989
facebook: Calila Baca

Scarlett. 1.30x1.40cm
This itch

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I have always had this weird itch for people to comprehend things that I’m not able to put in words. Because sometimes I feel that these letters that go together to form WORDS limit my ability to say what I am feeling and I get frustrated because I never seem to find the adequate groups of words to match my thoughts. It has even gotten to the point that when I was  at school and we had to write  an essay I wished that I could just ask the teacher if he would let me do a drawing or a painting and I knew that he’d understand me a thousand times better.

So as far as my memory goes I have always chosen the alternative way of expressing myself with what is the best way for me since I was little. PAINTING! Obviously in the old days when I was a child I thought about mermaids, princesses and all of those fairytale characters that you daydream about when you are a kid.  So if you were to take a look at those doodles that my mother so dearly treasures yet to this day, I bet that they would probably make little or no sense at all.

But sadly when you get older life gets a tad bit more complex. So I guess I could say that now that I am 21 I have deeper more “mature” thoughts, feelings and secrets which will only get more and more difficult to untangle. So the easiest way for me to loosen these knots in my head is to call my dear friends to the rescue of coarse I’m referring to Mr. canvas, Mr. brush and last but not least Mr. Acrylic paint.

This is when all the fun starts, I get to tell my deepest and darkest secrets to the world without them knowing every exact detail but instead making them try to interpret what they see. Which will never be as exact as to what I was thinking at the moment. This gives me a twisted kind of satisfaction, the fact that I get to throw my most intimate thoughts and no body can judge me because it is under the protection of the word “Art”. Everybody has their own opinion but in the end it doesn’t matter because what they are looking at is subjective and vulnerable to change.

The  only thing that matters is that I am satisfied with MY art and if someone else loves it or feels related to it then they are more than welcome to jump on board with me and simmer in the feeling that it provokes them and hopefully I will be able to move them in the smallest way. Then again what matters is to make the audience have an opinion and create controversy and if it just passes them by then sadly it was irrelevant.

And yes I am using the word “and” way too much, but as I’m saying … this is why I paint!

Mellow Fellow

Divded towards you

2 piezas 41x51cm c/u


Acrilico sobre tela. 80x60

Yo y el.
Naturaleza, corrupta.